Are you experiencing leaks from the roof capping, cracks or from between the roof and tile?

Sika RainTite® Kit is your solution.


What you will need

  • RainTite® Kit
  • RainTite® Membrane (comes with 5L)
  • Wire brush
  • Block brush / large paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Mechanical mixer and paddle (quantities exceeding 5l).

Product Information

Colours: Charcoal, Grey, Terracotta, Red, Green, Brown, Black, Burgundy & White.


Step 1

All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry and properly cured. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt or loose materials. If necessary repair any blowholes or voids using an appropriate Sika product. Metal surfaces should be rust free and should be treated with suitable Red etch primer prior to the application of the RainTite® Kit.

Surface preparation to waterproof

Step 2

Applying first coat of Sika RainTite Kit

Apply a generous base coat of the RainTite® Waterproofing Compound by brush or roller. Ensure all necessary areas are well coated.

Step 3

While it is still wet, embed the Sika RainTite® Membrane into the base coat, smoothing out air pockets and creases. Ensure that the overlaps of adjacent membrane overlap by a minimum of 50mm.

Embed RainTie Kit membrane

Step 4

Apply final coat of Sika RainTite Kit

Apply the second coat immediately, while the base coat is still wet in order to fully saturate the membrane on both sides. The final top coat can be applied once the second coat is touch dry. Clean tools with water and enjoy your dry and drip free home!

NB! The system needs to be protected from rain until dry.

Other Types of Application

Waterproofing roof screws
Image: Waterproofing of Roof Screws
Waterproofing overlappings
Image: Waterproofing of Overlappings
Waterproofing roof lapping
Image: Waterproofing of Roof Lapping




The same procedure can be applied to flashings and joints. An alternative product to RainTite® Kit that can be used for similar applications is Sealoflex® Professional.