Torch-on bituminous membranes are an effective, easy and simple product for all seasons. Once applied, Sika's bituminous membranes are a thin layer of watertight material, that is fully-bonded to the surface. 

What you will need

Sika® BlackSeal Primer
Torching Equipment
Sika® Index VIS
Sika® BlackSeal Silvercoat

Torch-on Bituminous membrane for waterproofing and roofing.

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Clean substrate before applying product.
  • Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and free of all contaminants and correctly prepared. 
  • All dust and loose friable material must be removed. 
  • Blow holes and voids should be fully exposed then repaired. 

Step 2: Apply Primer Coat

Clean substrate before applying product.
  • Apply Sika® BlackSeal Primer Coat according to the type of substrate at the correct consumption to the prepared surface and allow to dry before next application stage. 
  • Refer to the product datasheet

Step 3: Place Sika® Index VIS

Clean substrate before applying product.
  • Unroll the torch-on and align it before torching or bonding.
  • Each membrane must be laid parallel to each other and must be staggered by at least 1 m to avoid coinciding joints.
  • The end-to-end overlaps must always be alternate, never arranged along a single line.
  • Always start on the lowest height of the slope and with the drains, the downpipes or other details.
  • The torching of the rolls must heat the membrane and the substrate at the same time, concentrating on the roll and the overlapping.
  • The overlaps must be welded with great care until a trickle of melted mixture about 1 cm wide can be seen coming out along the line of the overlap.
    Please refer to the product datasheet.

Step 4: Final Top Coat

Clean substrate before applying product.
  • Once the application of Sika® Index VIS is complete, Sika® BlackSeal Silvercoat coating can be applied by a brush or roller. 


Sika recommends that this torch-on application is done by trained applicators.