Free Sika AnchorFix® Calculation Software

Design Software for the chemical anchoring of threaded bars and post-installed reinforced bars

We are proud to introduce the new, professional software to calculate chemical anchors (threaded rods and rebars) according to EOTA TR029, TR023, ACI 318-08 and ACI 318-11.


  • Design of threaded rods and post installed rebar connections
  • Multiple languages
  • Metric and fractional (imperial) system units
  • Country selection: Available product range is set according to selected country
  • Upgradeable via Internet connection.
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Sika AnchorFix® software considers the American code for anchoring (ACI 318-08, -11 & -14) and the European design code TR029 for anchoring with threaded rods and rebars and TR023 for post installed rebar connections.

The software is split into 2 Modules and is available to make calculations according to the following design standards:

Anchor calculation module

  • EOTA TR029 for design using an ETA according to EAD 330499-00-0601
  • TR045 for seismic design using an ETA according to EAD 330499-00-0601
  • ACI318-08 for design using an IAPMO/ICC-ES report (IBC 2009)
  • ACI318-11 for design using an IAPMO/ICC-ES report (IBC 2012)
  • ACI318-14 for design using an IAPMO/ICC-ES report (IBC 2015)

Rebar connection module

  • EOTA TR023 for rebar connection design using a TR023 ETA
Please, read carefully before you download the software:

This software application and the results derived from its utilization are intended only for use by professional users with expert knowledge in the area of the intended application. Users must independently verify the results before any use and take into account the site and application conditions, product information and literature, technical state of the art as well as local applicable standards and regulations.

With respect to the software application and results derived from its use, Sika makes no warranties of accuracy, reliability, completeness, merchantability or fitness for any purpose. The software application is provided on an “as-is” basis and Sika expressly disclaims any warranties with respect to the software application and results derived from its use.

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Sika AnchorFix® Calculation Software for chemical anchors

Sika Chemical Anchoring Adhesive Volume Calculator App

An essential pre-preparation work for installing chemical anchors is calculating the amount of material one needs for a job site, as to run out of cartridges during an application of threaded rods or rebars you would like to eliminate in any case, to avoid losing time unnecessarily. On the other hand, defining the required amounts can also minimize the material wastage. 

To support the calculation process, Sika has developed a volume calculator application. Based on the below parameters, the application defines the required number of cartridges (in all available cartridges), and it also provides the required quantity per one anchor: 

  • Substrate in which the anchor will be installed (concrete solid or hollow masonry)
  • Anchor type (threaded rod or rebar)
  • Hole diameter
  • Embedment depth
  • Number of anchors.
Free in apple Store & Google Play

The App is available for download in Apple Store and Google Play.

  • Platform requirements: Android 6.0 (or higher), iOs 9.0 (or higher)
  • Installed Size: Android (29 MB), iOS (59 MB)
Screenshot of Sika Chemical Anchoring Adhesive Volume Calculator App