The Lungisisa Indlela Village, better known as LIV, is a non-profit organisation founded by Tich and Joan Smith in 2010. According to UNICEF statistics, there are an estimated 3.7 million orphans in South Africa, who have either lost both their parents or similarly, live under child-headed households. LIV was established with a view to addressing this situation, and ultimately providing for these children.

LIV partners with the government, business, and the church to provide urgently needed holistic residential care. Hundreds of vulnerable, parentless children throughout South Africa are taken care of under this foundation. It’s a village that provides safety and security, a ‘mother’ who will love them, food to eat, a school to educate them, and psychological assistance to help them heal. 

Donating to LIV facilitates the placement of these less-fortunate children into a family environment, where they will have the opportunity to live normal lives. It was with great excitement that Sika South Africa extended a helping hand, providing for those kids now, and thus contributing to the healthy establishment of future generations. Sika did what they could so that the LIV village could do what we cannot. In March 2021, a few members of the Sika team made their way to Cottonlands in Verulam to make a generous donation. Sika handed over eleven pallets of Sika Everbuild products to the value of over two hundred and fifty thousand Rand. 

These Everbuild products are the ideal resources for use in the upkeep of the buildings that the children live in, as well as for recreational purposes such as art and crafts. Some of the products donated include Everbuild Emergency roof repair, which is used for instant waterproofing for all roofs; Stixall, which is an adhesive sealant that can bond virtually everything to anything in almost all conditions; Maximum Torque, which offers the ultimate high initial grab to bond bricks, mirrors, and any other difficult materials; Everbuild after-tile grout reviver used to bring new life to tile grouting. In addition to these, many other innovative products were donated to assist the LIV foundation.

LIV exists to “Rescue a Child, Restore a Life, Raise a Leader and Release a Star.” That is exactly what this organisation aims to do every day. The ‘LIV village’ has Sika’s support and we will continue to contribute towards the growth of this organization in days to come. In our way, we hope to both provide for these kids now, and nurture an investment in the future generations of our country.