“A church is not an organisation you join; it is a family where you belong, a home where you are loved and a hospital where you find healing,” Nicky Gumbel.


The Nazareth Church is a community church in Phola, Inanda. It has a congregation of 135 people that meet weekly to worship together. While they prefer to worship in open air, under the trees, cold and rainy weather conditions often hamper their attempts – and so a need for a protective building arose.

With Deacon Maphumulo spear-heading the project, they began building in 2015. Unfortunately, due to a lack of finances, the building is not yet complete. The difficulty is that most of the congregation are pensioners, and only a mere 10% of them are employed.

Sika, a company with a proud corporate social responsibility, is always ready and willing to assist those in need. They embraced this opportunity to provide, by donating 160 x 25KG bags of Sika MonoTop®-615 HB. This product is a high-build cementitious mortar, that only needs to be mixed with water, to provide excellent workability characteristics, and good mechanical strength. The product was capitalised, then used to lay the flooring foundation of the church building.

Sika is proud to have injected life into the initiation and continuation of this particular building project. Staff now eagerly await the completion with as much excitement as the congregation. Members of the church were overjoyed and profoundly grateful for the donation. Sika’s act of kindness has given them renewed faith that their church building will come to fruition.