The Sika team leaving their mark wherever they go.

Sika is a brand known for its world renowned quality products that are unique and durable. One of the initiatives that Sika South Africa embarks on is the annual roadshows. From the 21st to the 25th of October the passionate Sika team conducted roadshows hitting as many stores as possible covering the main 5 regions of the country; Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. This initiative was done to showcase the latest Sika Construction adhesive range, create awareness as well as educating the clients and customers by conducting live demonstrations on how these new Sika Construction Adhesive products can be used. This was done with great confidence as the durability of our product is next to none.  

Five new Sika Construction Adhesive products were introduced during these roadshows, namely the Sikaflex®-111 Stick and Seal, Sikaflex®-112 Crystal Clear, Sikaflex®-113 Rapid Cure, SikaBond® -115 Strong Fix and Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab.

The main star of the roadshow was the Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab. This product was used to demonstrate the incredible instant extreme grab properties by sticking a 10 kg M150 concrete hollow block to a wall. A task that usually would require temporary fixing. The block held its position while it cured and the entire process from start to end took only 2 minutes to complete.  Those who witnessed this incredible adhesive grab were left astounded. Once the product was fully cured, a few bystanders took the opportunity to jump on the block to test the final strength and needless to say the block held it’s firm position. After this phenomenal demonstration there was no room for doubt, Sika is definitely the way to go.

A week of enthusiasm and dedication from the Sika team who did an outstanding job in proving these roadshows to be a great success.