Mould Empower Serve (MES) is a non-profit organisation based in Port Elizabeth. Their daily goal is to assist those in need, which they have successfully done for the past thirty-four years. MES stands by their slogan: “Providing shelter for the homeless, to support and reach out with compassion, love and care by taking people off the street to care for them, provide them with accommodation and to equip them so that they are able to get back into the working environment”. This is no easy task, since the organisation does not receive any government funding, but relies solely on donations.

Sikafloor® -263 SL ZA donation to MES non-profit organisation

Danie Brandt from IX Engineers, contacted one of Sika’s sales representatives, John Zehmke, and requested assistance in renovating the bathrooms at MES. It was without doubt that Sika were willing to lend a helping hand, especially so, given the difficult times our country is facing. The bathroom project was broken down into three phases. Phase 1: to target the immediate hygiene needs such as fixing the toilets and taps. Phase 2: to redo the floors with non-slip flooring. Phase 3: painting of the walls.

Sika will assist with phase 2 of the project by donating three bags of Sikafloor®- 263 SL ZA. This product will cover the entire floor space of the two bathrooms, approximately 64m². Sikafloor®-263 SL ZA is a two-part, multipurpose binder based on epoxy resin. Advantages of this product include easy application, is liquid-proof, has a gloss finish and creates a slip-resistant surface - ideal for the MES task.

We at Sika look forward to the project’s finished result, as we know that a little goes a long way. In the uncertain times that we are living in, we must hold hands with those in need, and show compassion.