The Amy Foundation is a non- profit organisation, working to provide underprivileged learners of the Cape Town area with enrichment opportunities. The end goal is for these learners to make positive life choices and become contributing members of society.

For the past twenty-two years, The Amy Foundation has offered classes to the youth aged 18- 35, at their Youth Skills Development Centre. Some of the programmes offered by The Amy Foundation, at three after school centres in the challenged and vulnerable communities, are: classes in Arts & Culture, Sport, Academic Support, Greening & Environmental, Literacy and Life Skills.  


Sika happened upon this phenomenal initiative, and sensing the perfect opportunity to make a difference, just had to reach out a contributing hand. On the 2nd September 2020, Sika staff were privileged to donate 1,835 units of Everbuild Textile adhesive, worth R21,154. Furthermore, the product is ideally suited, as it can be used in the Arts and Culture classes.


The Everbuild Textile adhesive is a quick-setting clear adhesive, for bonding a variety of textiles and fabrics such as cloth, leather, paper, sponge, cardboard and stone. It has an instant bond of one minute, has low viscosity and is great for just about any textile. It will surely be put to good use by The Amy Foundation.


Once again Sika is proud to have made a difference.  

Sika donates Everbuild products to The Amy Foundation. A non-profit organisation based in Cape Town