Nelson Mandela’s birthday is celebrated internationally on the 18th of July, to commemorate this stalwart and all that he stood for. Organisations, families and communities all adopt the spirit of giving, by making donations in kind, or cash, to those less fortunate. However, COVID-19 and its associated Lockdown, have put a spanner in the works of 2020! Although help is needed now, more than ever, it is almost impossible to get out there and exercise the norms of a traditional Mandela Day.

Sika Sponsors product for schools
Sika Sponsors product for schools

Sika South Africa however, did not want to miss the opportunity to give back, and make a difference. After much debate on how to conceive and implement a plan, within the confines of COVID-19 Lockdown regulations, it was decided that Sika would assess available resources and make the most of them. Nelson Mandela, a firm believer in education, was one of its greatest global ambassadors. As such, Sika decided to donate Sika products to eight different schools in the South of Durban. They were Assagai Primary, Austerville Primary, Collingwood Primary, Durban East Primary, Fairvale Secondary, Gardenis Primary, Umbilo Secondary, Wentworth Primary and Wentworth Secondary School.

A magnanimous donation of five hundred thousand Rands worth of Sika products arrived in three truckloads to the above mentioned schools. Each of the identified schools were in the middle of renovations, with buildings either requiring maintenance or wanting to begin new building projects. This donation of product was the ideal support given to these schools to keep their buildings in good shape and conducive for effective learning. 

A total of 43 different Sika products were delivered on the 29 July 2020. Products included:

The Everbuild product range - this range consists of Everbuild Stick 2 Instant Bond, that allows for bonding onto fabrics, plastics, stone etc.

Sika Boom® products - which can be used to fill gaps, block out dust and noise, in the installation of windows, doorframes and the insulation of pipes.

Sanisil® products - that are suitable for sanitary or other sealing applications, where mildew resistance is required.

Seven different types of Sikaflex® products - which can be used for a wide range of sealing and bonding, joint sealing such as sealing of floors, cleanrooms, warehouses, for indoor and outdoor use.

The Sikafloor® range of products - ideal for new flooring as well as repair to existing flooring. It consists of epoxy floor primers, coatings, cement floors as well as surface hardeners.

Sikalastic® products - used for a variety of waterproofing projects such as roofs, water retaining structures and protective coatings to name a few.

Sikasil® - a silicone that can be used on pavements as well as for pools and wet areas.

Sika Grout® range - consisting of high strength grouts. These products were able to assist schools from basement to roof.

The excitement in the air was palpable, as school principals received these donations with open arms. They assured the Sika team - who excitedly anticipate seeing the fruits of their gifts, once these projects have been completed - that they would be put to good use. The impact of such kindness is large. It enhances and promotes a better schooling environment for students to learn in. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so investing in their lives is of great value to the World. Sika is proud to be a contributor to growth in those schools. The Sika team left with a content heart, knowing that this act of kindness will genuinely make a difference.