Cape Town

Hazendal Wine Estate is one of Stellenbosch’s illustrious 320-year-old wine farms. A short distance from Cape Town, it is nestled against the picturesque Bottelary Hills. Its beautiful architecture, a combination of Russian and South African elements, makes this wine estate one of a kind.  Managed as a family affair, Dr Mark Voloshin has been the owner of this remarkable wine estate for the past 25 years. His dream of keeping the estate’s rich heritage alive, and by creating a unique Winelands destination, he has added a new chapter to Hazendal’s history.

In 2018, meticulous attention to detail was administered to a restoration and redevelopment project. Part of this redevelopment was the new administration wing - set out in line with three historical barn structures of similar scale. One problem was the proximity of the new admin wing to the old historical homestead – where a clash of era had to be avoided. The admin building is understated, simple and elegantly detailed. In all-white Equitone cladding, it is presented as a modern interpretation of an old Cape barn.

Together with the main contractor, First African Cladding, and the subcontractor, Cladding SA, Sika was a major role player in this masterpiece. Training was conducted, with regular follow ups by the Sika team, to ensure that the process ran smoothly. The SikaTack® Panel system includes SikaTack® Panel Primer - which is applied to the framework and to the back of the Equitone White panel – ensures proper adhesion. SikaTack® Panel Tape is used to hold the panel in place while the SikaTack® Panel-50 adhesive cures fully. Each panel was carefully bonded using our SikaTack® Panel system, a product which negates the need for unsightly screws or rivets, thereby allowing a beautifully smooth and elegant finish to the façade. 

Given the fast-track nature of the project, an informed  decision was made to use steel for the construction of the building frame. Using the SikaTack® Panel Adhesive system, cladding finishes were then fixed to a steel carrier frame. The permanent elastic nature of SikaTack® Panel Adhesive System, combined with a tenacious adhesion to a variety of panel substrate types, accommodates the natural differential movement of varying building materials. It was all exactly what this wine estate needed in order to keep up with its renowned reputation.

With the use of Sika’s immovable and unshakeable adhesive brand, this project was completed in just under a year. Sika is proud to have been a part of this magnificent development, one that will no doubt stand out for years to come.   

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