The Police Forensic Science Institute in Namibia joined forces with Sika South Africa, as well as Cross-Tech and Cross-Con Namibia contractors, to undertake a floor revamp project inside the institute. The task was to install an electrostatic dissipative floor, Sikafloor® 235 ESD, as it is essential for the nature of their specific working environment. The project began in July 2019 and is currently on-going.

Durability and low maintenance, along with prevention of stray electrostatic charges, are the perfect reasons to install Sika’s Electrostatic dissipative flooring in a working environment full of sensitive forensic equipment. The purpose of Electrostatic dissipative flooring is to provide protection against electrostatic discharge that could damage sensitive electronic equipment. The Sikafloor®-235 ESD system allows static charges, generated by personnel, to earth through the floor rather than the expensive and sensitive equipment they work with.

Application of anti-static flooring is not a simple task, so the project required specialised products and experienced contractors. Given the nature of applying anti-static flooring properly and ensuring its functionality according to the guidelines, extra time and care were necessary. A further challenge faced was the laying of floor protection epoxy coatings whilst other trades were also working on the same floors.  

As two entire levels of the building required revamped floors - while normal work continued in the building - the process necessitated thoughtful planning and skilled product installation. Sikafloor®-263 SL, an easy to apply, smooth coating with a gloss finish; for medium to heavy wear work areas, was applied on both levels together with the Sikafloor®-235 ESD. The first step was to prepare the existing floor surface, by grinding off the old coatings down to good substrate. All imperfections and blow holes were filled in with Sikadur-31DW epoxy mortar. A scraper coat, with the 2-part epoxy primer, Sikafloor®-161 with Extender T, was then used to prime and seal the floor surfaces. Joints were sealed using the Sikaflex® Pro-3i on the two floor levels; an ideal product due to its amazing properties such as solvent free low VOC, and its high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Forensic scientists are tasked to collect, preserve, and examine physical evidence during an investigation. The quality of their equipment is paramount and needs to be of a high standard. Their flooring is no exception. Sika products have a proven performance history, a track record of high success, and a value that all scientists strive for –excellence!