Wanting to make their dream home a reality, homeowners from Secunda, Gauteng, knew that the foundation of their new roof needed to be seamlessly waterproofed first before achieving their desirable look. 


Fastner & Fluid contacted Raj Naidoo, Sika’s distribution sales representative, to assist their client, GSA Development Contractors, on site with specifying the correct waterproofing solution for the newly built concrete flat roof to guarantee a long term, watertight seal.

Sika Solutions:

Upon inspection, our dedicated sales representatives, Raj Naidoo and Louisa Steenkamp, first noticed that the expansion joints of the flat roof needed attending to before waterproofing the entire roof. Twenty 10mm expansion joints needed to be sealed before the elastomeric waterproofing system could be applied.  It was recommended that the all the joints, be sealed with Sikaflex®-11 FC+. Sikaflex®-11 FC+ was developed by Sika over 50 years ago and is still the go-to, fast curing, elastic joint sealant.  

Following that, Sikalastic®-560 waterproofing system was the immediate choice due to the fantastic properties of the product for this kind of application. Sikalastic®-560 is a one-component, premium rubber-like elastomeric waterproofing liquid membrane for both new construction and refurbishment projects.  Along with its UV resistant and UV stable qualities, it creates a seamless, durable waterproofing membrane with its fantastic crack-bridging properties. To prepare the roof for the waterproofing system, the newly sealed joints needed to be sanded down and smoothed. Before the first coat of Sikalastic®-560, was applied on the 300m2 roof, Raj and Louisa conducted an onsite training for the contractor’s team to ensure that the waterproofing system was applied precisely.

Following the first coat of Sikalastic®-560, Sika® Reemat Premium, was applied to the roof. Sika® Reemat Premium is a glass fibre-matt reinforcement membrane and is recommend to be used with Sikalastic® liquid applied membrane systems, allowing for a longer lifespan and better crack-bridging properties. It is also ideal to be used on roofs with many details and complex geometry even when accessibility is limited. 

Once the reinforcement membrane was dry enough to walk on the roof was sealed with a second coat of Sikalastic®-560. GSA Development Contractors were so impressed with the performance of the Sikalastic®-560 and the service from Sika, that it has opened the doors to their other upcoming projects.

The residential home now has a seamless, leak-proof flat roof thanks to Sika’s durable, liquid-applied system with over 110 years’ experience.