Index is a leading international manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems and, by acquiring the company, Sika has expanded its bitumen product range, boosting our position both in South Africa and abroad. Index has gone from strength to strength during its 25 years in the South African market.

Paul Adams - General Manager of Sika South Africa
"It comes with a high research and development competence. Sika AG acquired Index in 2018 and we felt the time was right for it to now form part of our existing business in South Africa." Paul Adams, Managing Director
Sika Index bitumen membrane product range for roofing and waterproofing systems

Internationally Recognised Bitumen Solutions

The Index product range is durable and high-performing, providing comprehensive solutions for flat roof, decorative, below-ground and green waterproofing. The range includes various Index products that South Africans already know and trust, delivering the best in performance and durability. 

In South Africa, Index products are now exclusively available from Sika South Africa.

This addition of globally renowned roofing and waterproofing solutions is all but guaranteed to catapult our current Construction Systems and Products offering, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions to our customers. In turn, this will ensure that, whatever our customers are looking to achieve, we have the full range of products for their all needs.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunities this acquisition will bring locally and are delighted to be able to provide an even more comprehensive product offering to our customers. 

Sika Index VIS Membrane

The Sika Index VIS P membranes manufacturing process uses polymer modified bitumen reinforced with a composite reinforcement. The Sika Index VIS Polyester 4mm membrane can be used as a single layer system or as part of a multi-layer in both the refurbishment and new building works market. The Sika Index Vis P 3mm should be used as an underlayer in a multi-layer waterproofing system.

Sika Index Topgum Biarmato

Sika Index Topgum Biarmato is a polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane with a double reinforcement consisting of rot-proof, isotropic, thermally stabilized, “non-woven” polyester fabric strengthened fibreglass mat. The fibreglass mat gives the membrane optimal dimensional stability in both hot and cold conditions The long-lasting strength and elasticity at both high and low temperatures make Sika Index Topgum Biarmato ideal for use as a single or double-layer waterproofing membrane
for new building work or refurbishments. 

Sika Index Defend Antiroot

The progressive trend to reduce cement in towns by greening up rooftops, has brought with it the problem of the root resistance of waterproofing layers not protected with cement screeds. Sika Index Defend Antiroot is a root resistant waterproofing membrane whereby direct contact of the layer with the soil implies intrinsic resistance of its membranes against the perforating action of roots. The antiroot properties are further enhanced by adding a specific ester agent to the polymer-bitumen compound, forming a continuous barrier against roots. The additive has been developed specifically as a root inhibitor, for both hot-laid bitumen and for torch-laid bitumen membranes. As it does not contain film or double-reinforced foils, Sika Index Defend Antiroot is more flexible and malleable during application. It is always applied as the last waterproofing layer in contact with the earth for gardens. When waterproofing roof gardens for instance, it is used as the top layer of a system, the first layer being a polymer-bitumen membrane reinforced with “non-woven” polyester fabric and the second being Sika Index Defend Antiroot polyester which is placed astride the overlaps of the previous layer and fully bonded with the torch. The performance of the bitumen is therefore increased, durability and resistance to high and low temperatures are improved, thus maintaining the bitumen’s already excellent qualities of adhesion and waterproofing. The reinforcement of the membrane with an isotropic, rot-proof, thermally fixed single strand Spunbond non-woven polyester fabric, affords high mechanical resistance, considerable ultimate elongation and excellent resistance to punching and laceration.

Sika Index Testudo

Sika Index Testudo waterproofing membranes are reinforced with high areal weight, isotropic, thermally fixed, rot-proof, “non-woven” single strand Spunbond polyester fabric. The reinforcement is very strong and has an optimal resistance to puncture and piercing. The Sika Index Testudo membranes are made up of distilled bitumen with a high content of elastomeric and plastomeric polymer additives, selected for industrial use. Sika Index Testudo membranes’ high resistance to puncture make them suitable for waterproofing systems where high mechanical resistance is required, such as: foundations, earthquake-proof foundations, car parks, water works, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, subways, geological works, etc., anti–acid protection, roofing with or without thermal insulation and renovation work.

Sika Index Fidia

The Sika Index Fidia polyester and Fidia/V membranes, produced in various thicknesses, are made up of distilled bitumen, selected for industrial use, with added elastomeric and plastomeric polymers. They are reinforced with a rot-proof
“non -woven” polyester fabric composite, stabilised with fibreglass mat, which is very strong and elastic, thus reducing the problems of ‘the banana effect’ and the retraction of head lap joints. The long-lasting strength, elasticity and stability at high and low temperatures make Sika Index Fidia polyester membranes ideal for use as dam linings, and single or multi-layer waterproofing systems for new building work or refurbishments.

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