From decorative tiled surfaces to highly functional tiled wall and floor finishes, tiling is one of the most popular surface finishing techniques used to enhance the appearance and functionality of all types of buildings and facilities.

It is always crucial to select the right tile and the right tile installation system for each different area of the specific project. This should include the correct surface preparation, waterproofing (if required) and joint sealing solutions for each area and tile type in order to ensure the right quality and durability.

Thanks to our knowhow in various application fields such as waterproofing, flooring and insulation, Sika is able to provide full systems. Sika has developed a comprehensive range of tile adhesives, tile grouts and useful ancillary products that are designed as integrated systems to achieve the optimum results.

Explore Our SikaCeram® Systems for your Tile Project

Illustration of large format tile setting adhesive in terrace of home with designer bench and garden
Illustration of tile setting adhesives in living room with yellow sofa
Illustration of tile setting adhesives and waterproofing tape for wet area bathroom with purple and white mosaic tiles, sink and bathtub
Illustration of tile setting adhesives and waterproofing tape on balcony with furniture overlooking harbor bay city view

1. Tiling with Ceramic Tiles

Larger ceramic and natural stone tiles create a seamless and contemporary look. But laying larger tiles successfully for the long-term, requires not only good skills but also advanced solutions that guarantee maximum reliability and performance.

Sika tile installation systems provide: a flat surface that is achieved with levelling technology designed to obtain an excellent finish.

Then a tile grout with excellent mechanical strengths and high abrasion resistance is used together with a high performance elastic, polyurethane based sealant for all potentially moving joints and connections.   

2. Tiling with Porcelain Stoneware

Porcelain tiles are highly durable ceramic tiles, as they are produced under
higher pressures and temperatures to be extremely hard and
non-absorbent. Therefore they are frequently selected by demanding
project owners who value performance and reliability, both in residential and public areas.

For these areas and exposure conditions it is necessary to use a tile
installation system that is also able to meet these requirements and
accommodate the high stresses. This means providing a suitable substrate
with high compressive and tensile strengths. Sika installation systems
achieve this with a new generation of polymer modified tile adhesives
that are specifically designed for bonding non-absorbent materials. Then
finishing is done with a flexible tile grout that also has good
mechanical strength and high abrasion resistance. A high performance
polyurethane based elastic sealant is used for any movement, isolation
or connection joints that occur in the system.

3. Tiling for Wet Rooms

Wet areas are usually high use areas that are frequently wet due to their function or washing and cleaning procedures e.g. shower facilities, bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens. The most important thing for wet room projects is to ensure that the area is waterproof to prevent ingress and subsequent water damage, deterioration and microbiological growth within the building fabric.

Sika provides a complete integrated system to fulfill the very demanding requirements of these areas. Firstly the surfaces are made waterproof using cementitious mortar. Then a cementitious adhesive with a high polymer content is used for the tile installation, which is followed by a tile grout with excellent mechanical strengths and high abrasion resistance. Finally the system is completed with a high performance, antifungal, movement and connection joint sealant.

4. Tiling New Balconies

The build-up and installation of tiled finishes on new balconies
requires careful design and execution, in order to prevent commonly
occurring problems such as uneven floors, inadequate drainage and/or
incomplete waterproofing and detailing at the perimeters, etc.

The Sika installation system starts with the waterproofing layer, which uses a flexible, mortar that can be applied just 24 - 48 hours after the floor screed has been laid. Then the cementitious tile adhesive is applied which is followed by a tile grout with excellent high performance, elastic sealant is used to seal any moving joints or connections and ensure that they also remain watertight.

*Our Tile Setting Products are currently only available in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng.