Structural Bonding for a wide variety of industrial applications

Structural Bonding for Dissimilar Materials and High Impact

The Sika ADEKIT® range ensure the best comprise between flow characteristics and the necessary thixotropic effects for a wide variety of applications including vertical surfaces and potting. These adhesives are designed to meet the requirements of different properties and achieve the targets for product shear, peel and fatigue resistance within the same product. These developments are part of the long and unique Sika experiences spent at very close of customer requirements and demanding specifications.

As productivity matters a good balance between open time and handling time is always a key development objective. The longest open time is required to secure industrial dispensing while the shortest handling time is preferred to speed up productivity. Thanks to Sika's global raw material sourcing, unique technologies like carbon fillers, the use of induction sensitivity or thermo latent catalyst are proposed to optimize process time. 

Structural Bonding for Dissimilar Materials and High Impact

Local and Global Partnership

The consolidation of worldwide production sites, several development departments and our global dealer network maximizes the availability of our products - wherever you are located.