Adhesive Anchor Solutions

Sika AnchorFix® -2+ is an anchoring adhesive for medium to high loads.


Sika AnchorFix® -2+ is a solvent and styrene-free, epoxy acrylate-based, two-component, anchoring adhesive for normal to moderate climate conditions. 

Sika AnchorFix® -2+ can be used as a fast curing anchoring adhesive for all grades of: 

  • Rebars / reinforcing steel
  • Threaded rods
  • Bolts and special fastening systems
  • concrete (in cracked and non-cracked)
  • Solid masonry
  • Steel
  • Hard natural stone*
  • Solid rock*
*These substrates may vary greatly, in particular with regard to strength, composition, and porosity. Therefore, for each application the suitability of Sika AnchorFix® -2+ adhesive, must be tested by first applying the product only to a sample area. Check in particular Bond strength, surface staining and discoloration,
  • Fast curing
  • Standard guns can be used
  • High load capacity
  • ETA to ETAG 001 for anchoring in concrete
  • ETA to ETAG 001 for rebar connections
  • Suitable for cracked concrete
  • Drinking water certified
  • LEED Attestation available
  • Non-sag, even overhead
  • Styrene-free
  • Low odour
  • Low wastage
  • Component A :                     white
  • Component B :                      black
  • Component A & B mixed :  grey