Sika's has a wide range of sealants and adhesives for your interior and exterior DIY requirements. We would like to offer our expert advise as to which sealant and/or adhesive will be best for your required project!

Looking for an all-in-one adhesive and sealant? Sikaflex®-11FC+

One-component, multipurpose, elastic adhesive and joint sealant, which bonds and seals most construction material substrates. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Where to Use
  • Joint sealant for vertical and horizontal joints
  • Soundproofing of pipes between concrete and sheathing
  • Bonding of window sills, thresholds, steps, skirting boards, base boards, crash protection boards, etc


Can be used on various substrates:

  • Concrete, masonry, most stones, ceramic, wood, metals, glass, PVC
Characteristics and Benefits
  • One-component
  • Fast curing 
  • Bubble-free curing 
  • Flexible and elastic 
  • Excellent application properties 
  • High mechanical resistance 
  • Seals and bonds in one step 
  • Indoor and outdoor applications 
  • Very low emissions 
  • Solvent-free and odourless


Looking for a sealant for sanitary applications? Sika® Sanisil®

Sika® Sanisil® is a one-component, non-sag, silicone sealant with a long term resistance to fungus and mildew.

Where to Use
  • Sanitary or sealing applications where mildew and fungus resistance is required, such as basins, showers, toilets, baths, etc.
  • Domestic kitchens
  • Interior and exterior use
Characteristics and Benefits
  • Long term resistance to mould growth
  • Long term fungus and mildew resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substances
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Solvent free


Looking for a transparent adhesive and sealant? Sikaflex®-112 Crystal Clear

Sikaflex®-112 Crystal Clear is a one-component, multipurpose transparent adhesive and sealant with good initial grab which bonds and seals most construction material substrates. 

Where to Use
  • Invisible bonding of most common construction materials
  • Invisible sealing around bonded objects
  • For indoor and outdoor use
Characteristics and Benefits
  • Is transparent and stays transparent 
  • Good initial grab, no temporary fixing required for light objects
  • Strong, durable and elastic bond
  • Very low emissions
  • Adhesive-sealant with CE marking


Looking to get the job done quickly? Sikaflex®-113 Rapid Cure

Sikaflex®-113 Rapid Cure is a  one-component, fast curing adhesive with a very high initial grab that bonds most common construction substrates. 

Where to Use
  • For assembly and installation works
  • For bonding common construction materials such as glass, metal, EPS/XPS, coatings, concrete, masonry, most stones, ceramic and wood
  • For indoor and outdoor use
Characteristics and Benefits
  • Fast curing
  • Early handling after 20 minutes
  • Easy-to-apply
  • Compatible with EPS/XPS, Styrofoam
  • Excellent adhesion to glass and metal
  • Adhesive-sealant with CE marking
  • Very low emissions


Looking to bond heavy objects? Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab

Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab is a one-component construction adhesive with a very high initial grab that bonds most construction material substrates.  

Where to Use
  • Bonding and sealing of stones, bricks, windows and door sills, mirrors, wood beams, and heavy landscaping coverings 
  • Wide adhesion profile; for concrete, mortar, natural stones, clinker, fiber cement, ceramic, wood, metals, and glass
  • For indoor and outdoor use
Characteristics and Benefits
  • Best-in-class extrusion force to initial grab ratio 
  • Fixing of heavy objects without temporary fixing
  • Adhesive keeps the object in position in the uncured state and during curing 
  • Good weathering ability, durable and strong bond
  • Good workability
  • Very low emissions
  • Adhesive-sealant with CE marking


Looking for a crack sealant that can be overcoated? Sikacryl®-S

A one-component, acrylic joint sealant for internal minor movement joints and interior and exterior crack filling. Quick drying and over-paintable sealant with good application properties. 

Where to Use

Sealing joints for: 

  •  Interior joints on many types of substrate with a limited amount of movement 
  •  Connections around window and door frames 
  •  Around wall and ceiling penetrations 


Crack Filling: 

  • Internal and external cracks not exposed to permanent water immersion
Characteristics and Benefits
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Good application properties
  • Good adhesion to many different substrates
  • Movement capability ±7.5 % 
  • Over-paintable 


Looking for an interior decorative adhesive? SikaBond®-115 Strong Fix

SikaBond®-115 Strong Fix is a one-component interior decoration adhesive with high final strength.

Where to Use
  • For bonding on porous construction materials such as concrete, mortar, fiber cement, wood, and plaster 
  • For bonding of skirting boards, wood frames, battens and moldings, panels, terracotta tiles, anodized aluminium, hard PVC profiles, polystyrene moldings, and ceiling tiles
  • For indoor use
Characteristics and Benefits
  • Easy-to-apply 
  • Easy-to-clean 
  • Rapid build-up of strength 
  • High final strength 
  • Best-in-class adhesion
  • Very low emissions