Sika South Africa supports the Tholuthando Children's Home.

Sika and Coating Worx support Tholuthando Children's home

As a socially responsible company, Sika willingly supports local communities. Our ‘Sika Cares’ community engagement program is our proud vessel for doing so. It focuses on improving the quality of life of children, adults and families, within the communities in which the company is active. So, when our customer, Kevin Mc Geer from Spalling Worx, asked if we would like to participate in a reach out project for the Tholuthando Children’s Home, we jumped at the opportunity.

Tholuthando Children’s Home is ten minutes from the Camelot Estate in Hillcrest. After her sister died in 2004, leaving behind two young children, Sindy Duma founded the home, and still runs it today. Despite having two of her own children already, and amongst her personal financial difficulties, Sindy adopted her nieces. Observing her kind heart, the local community inundated her with stories of child abuse, and continually asked her for help. They ultimately realised that there was a desperate need for a children’s shelter in the area. They approached the authorities, which resulted in the founding of Tholuthando Children’s Home.

Sika staff with children from Tholuthando Children's Home
Sika parcels donated by the staff to Tholuthando Children's home

With assistance from her eldest daughter, Sindy currently looks after 45 children, between the ages of 10 months and 19 years. Both the police and the community regularly approach her, and leave neglected and abused kids in her care. Only six of the children she looks after have  government grants; for the rest, she relies on donations from the surrounding communities. Sadly, all these children have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment; and at the very hands of those who should have provided love, protection and guidance. Sindy treats each child as her own and is committed to providing rehabilitation and education for each. She hopes and anticipates they will, one day, enjoy normal productive lives. To stimulate and challenge the children, they are encouraged to participate in school activities and church programs. They are particularly proud of their Church Youth Choir’s achievements.

Together with Spalling Worx, and Dulux, who painted the school; Sika employees donated pre-loved clothes, toys, and non-perishable foods to the Tholuthando Children’s Home. The hearts of all those who attended the handover were touched by these amazing children, and all were in awe of the strength, fortitude, and Heart of Sindy.

In her words: “If a child has love and food, they have a chance to have a good life.” Should you wish to assist Sindy, in any way, please contact her on 072 634 6790.