Roof structures without ballast or covering layers on the waterproofing membrane are known as "Exposed Roofs". Sika has a wide range of exposed roof systems, all of them designed to provide high performance, long lasting and sustainable roof waterproofing.

Key Characteristics and Advantages of Exposed Roofs

Exposed Roofs are ideal for lightweight roof structures with large spans as well as for complex roof structures  and geometries, including domes for example:

  • Light weight roof build-ups
  • Possibility of light / bright coloured surfaces for sun and heat reflection, reducing the "heat island" effect
  • Almost unlimited design possibilities with membrane colours, profiles and roof graphics, etc.  

They easily withstand all common environmental influences:

  • UV light exposure
  • Heat and cold
  • Air born pollution and dust
  • Wind uplift forces
  • Rain, hail, snow and all other common exposures

Sika's Expert Roof Knowhow