What are Gravel Ballasted Roofs? 

In gravel ballasted roofing systems, the waterproofing membrane is covered and ballasted against wind uplift and other exposures with a layer of gravel. Conventional gravel ballasted roofs have been built for many years and are suitable on most flat roofs and structures.

Gravel Ballasted Roofs Have Many Benefits for Your Project

  • Very economic roofing system
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No penetration of the roof deck
  • Protection of the waterproofing membrane against environmental exposure and mechanical damage,
    making the membrane last much longer

  • Easy to maintain, low maintenance costs
  • The noncombustible properties of the gravel contribute to higher fire resistance of the whole roof assembly. The gravel also prevents flames from spreading across the roof surface.


Our Solution - Complete Product Range

Several Sikaplan® and Sarnafil® single ply membranes are specially designed for use on gravel ballasted roofs where they provide durable, long lasting performance with these benefits:

  • They are resistant against biological microorganisms.
  • Application is possible at negative temperatures, giving unique flexibility to contractors, their clients and specifiers. 


Gravel ballasted roofs with Sikaplan® or Sarnafil® single ply membranes are conventionally installed.

  • The single ply membrane and other roof components, including thermal insulation, are loose laid.
  • The buildup is ballasted with a gravel layer of at least 50 mm and 80 kg/m2.
  • The gravel ballast secures the roof waterproofing against wind uplift forces.

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